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Iphone Cannot Find Telus Network


This still didn't do it for my phone. If you see No Service or Searching If you see No Service or Searching on your device, or can't connect to a cellular network or cellular data, follow these steps: Check For example, I live in an area with notoriously bad cell coverage and encounter the problem on a daily basis anytime I leave a 3G/4G coverage area. Reply venkat says: May 28, 2015 at 8:56 pm Hi Essa I have the same issue with 5S, do you have any solutions for that? http://tcsmacs.net/cellular-data/iphone-cannot-connect-to-3g-network.php

TomC I just had a 4-day battle with my new Bell plan and Smartphone. thanks 0 5 years ago Reply Agag it worked perfectly . thank you so much :) 0 5 years ago Reply V_marko88 when wont to send or read mesage there is cold not activate cellular data network please help... 0 5 years This is such BS I have been working on this issue for 12 hours now (it is 2;30 in the am and I was supposed to give this to him yesterday https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201415

Iphone 6 Searching For Service

Thanks for the info guys. 0 4 years ago Reply Gerard Had this problem with a replacement Verizon iPhone 4S i got from the Apple Store (using my existing SIM card). Dumbass17 i find a 'soft reset' fixes everything (hold sleep and home buttons together until it shuts off the phone) Mckenzie Oh excellent. Check for aCarrier Settings Update. Next time, I'll try to do this.

The restore does not always work. I have an iPhone 4 and every time when I am in an area where this is low or no signal I get the no service message. Copyright © 2016 Apple Inc. Iphone Searching For Service i havent got an iphone, just a lg xenon.

Hopefully an update to iOS will resolve the issue. Iphone Says No Service Anticrack Uhm,… I've been in fort mcmurray for 2 years with rogers… and I never had a dropped call.. I always get 5 bars since switching to TELUS and it looks like the new network will continue this. I see Rogers, Wind and 302-320 but no Telus....

Sent over to Apple for a brief moment where they asked me to toggle airplane mode. Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network Lacocobear Telus only works good when you have non gsm phones, so if you don't own an iPhone, then you are fine. Sometimes the cell network really is down but sometimes it isn't and that's what makes this such a frustrating issue to trouble shoot. I have an iPhone 5s with iOS 8 by the way.

Iphone Says No Service

Almost never get anywhere close to 3G speeds. weblink It won't connect at all. Iphone 6 Searching For Service bigger area right? Iphone 5 No Service I think I made a mistake signing with Bell.

You'd definitely have to jailbreak and unlock to use it though, and Telus would charge you an arm and a leg anyway. http://tcsmacs.net/cellular-data/iphone-cannot-access-3g-network.php Donlegion Have been using Bell 3G (iphone) for a year now. Just updated new firmware and nothing. :confused: 3nergiz3d Try going into settings-->general-->reset-->network settings. i live in vancouver bc, so i have excellent coverage in the city.  the only problemes i have had are while travelling.  british colombia is very mountanous. Iphone Cellular Data Not Working

Here the issue I have: If I switch from 3G to EDGE, the phone is not be able to govback to 3G Solution: Got to Settings -> Carrier -> Turn Automatic i cannot live without recieving phone calls and mr.iphone updater just ruined my life. So it might not hurt to ask your friends too! 0 5 years ago Reply swsmpbaby985 I most often see this happen when trying to connect to the App Store. news Exit, and go back into the wifi settings on the iPod and select the network.Now if you did a full reset the 2Wire when you talked to the support agent, that

My iphone is working fine, so it is not an issue with Verizon in our area and I am NOT traveling! Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network Iphone 6 I'm in New Zealand, live in a marginal reception area and use an iPhone 4. but other then that, its pretty good.

i tried to call my service provider..

You’ll need a working internet connection though. Dalia Fido is the worst company I had so far. Took 3 weeks and many many phone calls to Telus. Reset Network Settings Iphone ive tried everything except jailbreaking it (which i dont really want to do but if i have to...) im so worried im even thinking it might be fake.

But as it stands now, at least when comparing coverage maps, it would seem that Telus/Bell have the upper hand. The extended network is really just the rest of Rogers' network. Reply Patrick says: January 10, 2013 at 9:41 am I have this problem on my Iphone 5, the signal bars at home are much lower than its ever been on any More about the author Reply qnex says: March 21, 2016 at 6:19 am Same on iPhone 4S with iOS 8.4.

AT&T declined having any tower issues whenever I reported issues in my area. everytime i catch a line the connection just go away. Please anybody help me. In the picture, it seems as though the data was on Edge as well.. 0 5 years ago Reply jaysinha I very often see this on my 3GS on UK O2

Unfortunaltey my laptop is now broken and I can't tell if my wifi is really working or not. I found this to be because I had it set to Data OFF when Roaming. Is it really going to fix this query – how to fix could not activate cellular data network error? What solves the problem for me is dialling any number from my phone.

Tyler Wilson im on fido, and its a descent price, 25$ a month, unlimited text, 100 mins a month. Bell has horrible customer service, but, what do I care when my cellphone is running, never have an issue with it, and their coverage is phenomenal. i have the 4s and wasnt able to surf on cellular.. Please let me know if your issue is now resolved!

Have a senior advisor calling me on Sunday and I'm also on the phone to t mobile to see if I can swop my phone to a Samsung or htc , Make sure your iPhone is jailbroken or unlocked (steps can be found in a lot of resources from the web). I have done everything but still it's there. I have reset network settings and reset all settings.

Second, yea he's not on AT&T but be probably recorded emails about it or hears about it from friends he has from the states, and assuming that other people in the Reply Steve says: December 4, 2012 at 3:56 pm Still had the same problem after upgrading to 6.0.1, but recently tried 6.1 beta and seems to have fixed it … Finally!! Also, make sure you have the APN settings for your carrier ready with you. -Connect your Apple iPhone 3g/3gs/4 to the Wi-Fi network so you have internet active on your iPhone Rogers' map says they don't offer 3G anywhere in Saskatchewan.

You can't access the internet: no Safari, no Mail, etc. so really put yourself in the position. The .01 update is even worse… Apple wake up!!!!!!! It is always on SOS or searching for network, when trying to pick up telus signal.