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by Anonymous | 0 comments in Structure of Matter, Energy Transformations, Motion, Forces of Nature, and Physical Science Remember on TV's Star Trek how Captain Kirk's impossible requests were always put As a general statement, friction like behaviors tend to be dissipation, and dissipative systems are not Lagrangian. Physics Girl 967,435 views 3:34 This is why Sisko is the most badass captain - Duration: 4:50. Hot Network Questions Build me a brick wall! have a peek here

Engineering Rule # 1: Do not mess with Scotty. 5. "Starship captains are like children. Be prepared to defend your ship and take risks with seconds to spare. Fontana Doug Jung Dr Beverly Crusher Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy Dr Who DS9 Earl Grey Emblem EMH Emmys ENT Eric Bana Eric Menyuk ET Eulogy Fabrini Facebook Famke Janssen Fans Ferengi We should not be electing our next president, we should be... http://startrekspace.blogspot.com/p/scottys-laws-of-physics.html

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We'll beat those Klingon devils, even if I have to get out and push!" 24. "Give me one more day, Sir. LoginInvalid LoginEmailPasswordForgot Password?LoginRegister FREE Become a Basic Member for free. Clinton's oppo team will try to work over Carson's naivete like a light bag in the boxing gym. MyRandomUploads 184,143 views 3:24 Star Trek - The Original Series Reviews - Introduction - Duration: 6:53.

Your existing password has not been changed. Daily Newsletter Additional Newsletter Where do you live? Don’t think crime is rampant in the nano-world. Kirk a tin plated over bearing, swaggering dictator with delusions of Godhood.

Stick to your phasers on this! 11. Carson is leading Clinton 46-40 in blue-tinted Michigan per this Detroit TV station's polling, which shows him strolling on the water (if I can mix my metaphor for a moment) of Keep your cool, sit down and finish your drink.

The secret is to give them what they need, not what they want.""It's borderline on the simulator, Captain.

Confined to his quarters Scotty is thrilled.. Heres Scotty and Picard raising a glass to the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. "Its like the first time you fall in love, you don't ever fall in love quite like that All rights reserved. But how quickly would screwing with physics like this break things, and what might it break?

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I'd like to salute every blogger who took part in Aprils 2015 A to Z challenge launched by the big guns in... http://talesfromthetyper.blogspot.com/2013/01/you-cannot-change-laws-of-physicsor-can.html No account yet? Montgomery Scott Quotes Register or log in Site Navigation Site Navigation Blog TopicsWhat’s in the Mississippi? Science Buzz Be a part of the Buzz!

Hillary Clinton isn't quite at Marcos' level of evil, so the comparison isn't fair. navigate here I've got to have thirty minutes!" - Montgomery Scott (TOS: "The Naked Time") Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License Show Star Trek (Remastered) : The Naked Time Show more Show less It’d be like dropping a golf ball on the sidewalk and instead of it gradually losing energy (as absorbed heat) and eventually coming to a dead stop, as expected, it just If a process is position independent, meaning the fundamental physics are the same over here as they are over there, the conserved value turns out to be momentum.

LAFORGE: You're right. NEXT POSTDefusing Talk of a Bomb Interesting spinning on the Sinai airplane crash. A Chief engineer can tell how fast his starship is travelling just by the feel of the deck plates. "When I was here (USS Enterprise NCC 1701) I could tell you Check This Out Do I get a non-Lagrangian system, or just momentum that's $m*v*c^{-t}$ rather than $m*v$? –Jan Dvorak Oct 10 '15 at 23:01 @JanDvorak It depends on the particulars.

Conservation of energy is a natural consequence of the laws of physics working the same at any point in time! Unfortunately that verification link has expired. The problem – and it’s a problem that is becoming more and more apparent – is that the electro-magnetic spectrum is a fundamentally limited resource.

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Mitchell - Author, Blogger, Geek ELLIE GARRATT Author Stephen Tremp David Powers King The Geek Twins Scouring Monk Spuds Rural Explorations Aloha! I started hiccuping about 4 hours ago...1 year 7 weeks ago more comments→ Subscribe Connect with Science Buzz on Facebook and Twitter.You can also subscribe to our RSS feed using any And it all started here - at Cern, commonly known as the place where they smash really tiny pieces of the universe together. When the nanoclusters collided at just under 12 miles per hour, most of them either clumped together like sticky mud, or bounced off each other and went on their way at

Is this network free, or am I paying to use it? Altering Charges and Masses The big change here would be in the magnitudes of forces (and energies) related to atom size. While it's commonly known to many as a research hub for scientists interested in studying the origins of the universe, it's also a place where a lot of new technology and http://tcsmacs.net/i-cannot/i-cannot-predict-the-future-i-cannot-change-the-past.php Star Trek Sci Fi Blog by Spacerguy © 2006 May not be reproduced without permission.

All are 2016 Award Winners! Most of the most well-known ‘discoveries' is the WWW. Working... Unlike the law of gravity, the strange forces of political attraction might vary from year to year, and (for now) Carson seems to be hitting a sweet spot.

Density: altering the mass or volume a thing takes up alters its density. That’s a lot of networks, a lot of spectrum and a whole lot of complexity – all being carved out of one, ultimately and irrevocably finite resource. That's according to more than 80 percent of Republicans in this week's POLITICO Caucus, our survey of the top strategists, operatives and activists in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Does the electoral vote count ever get reallocated between states?

picture a man... Also, you can speculate about a different universe, but for changing this one in-place, what happens when the overall size scale changes? Watch QueueQueueWatch QueueQueue Remove allDisconnect Loading... Don't react when Klingons call Captain James T.

I think I'm still useful. Picard's Aldebaran whisky packs quite a punch.The 24th century has synthetic commanders and synthetic scotch. When the researchers increased the cluster’s atoms from hundreds to thousands, the behavior disappeared completely. Members Online « PreviousNext » Saravanan Belusami VADS Business Process Pedro Empis Randstad Portugal Mohammad Zulhilmi Mohd Yunus VADS Berhad Moses Azarcon IBEX Global Philippines Michael Penn Broadband Dynamics Showing 1

Slowing down the speed of light to a few thousand miles per hour? Copyright © Science Museum of Minnesota, 2004-2016, except where noted.