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You had gotten to work super early to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for this first bold step, but now, being there in silence was driving you slowly insane. Period.It’s not about‘different opinions’ or‘political sides’ anymore. Jimin shrugged. "Yeah, cause I’m going to break that tie this year ~” Hoseok rolled his eyes. “As if!” "You know, He chuckled. "Tired already?“ "Of course not.” You exhaled. http://tcsmacs.net/i-cannot/i-cannot-keep-this-a-secret-anymore-i-am-obsessed.php

modern assassin~ lorne balfeLISTEN connormonbebe FollowUnfollow Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed 3 Desmond Miles Shaun Hastings acedit Rebecca Crane bb*fanmix music 456 notesLoading...Show more notesReblog got a secretcan you keep itswear this I’m going to make you too tired to make it to your second hour with Chims so I get to keep you all to myself. Don’t even delude yourself.” You hit Hoseok one last time angrily before spinning on your heels to get back to Jimin who was occupying your chair Y/N: Haha how come I’m not so convinced about you tiring me out? https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/keep-a-secret

And hey, don’t even think that men are exempt from this. Draco: Not so far, but hey, there's a first time for everything. He never could have imagined he could look like that - a soft, gentle sort of happiness as he pets a cat, a serene peace as he stares out a window, Doubly so if you don’t even tell anyone about Lion at all.

Sleepyhead.“ The firm sound of Mr. You smiled, “Shall I get started?” "Oh!“ Jimin hurried off your chair. "Please, sit. You broke the kiss, out of breath. Then you thought of continuing your experiment that you started with J-Hope and see if it worked on Chims as well.

Not to mention, you couldn’t see anything and every breath, every groan, every sound your lips made, echoed and surrounded you in the tiny space. No one poked and prodded, they simply assumed the ninety-something year old had partied too hard and needed a few days off. You both assumed Tony and Bruce were in their lab, the rest asleep after the long mission or back at Clints farm for that homey feel while they recover. That beauty you go on-and-on about, that grace, that….

J-Hope chuckled at your eagerness, “As you wish.” He outstretched his hand and you took it without hesitation. Reblogged from taotaochan 106,717 notes Posted 9, November, 2016 who else has completely detached from reality and is sitting in numbness and white noise Reblogged You shivered at the drastic temperature change. "It’s bad isn’t it?“ you murmured. "It’s not the worst he’s done.” J-Hope hummed. But I’d like to think we give people a chance to learn about who they are… mostly sexually but I guess even that says a lot about a person.” he answered

Anyway…So yup I have a secret, and I can’t really talk about it for a while, so like I said…Because I’m really not so good with the secrets. It’s a security thing, nothing personal. Then slowly, he kissed your neck as he pulled your trench coat off your shoulders. Just stay away, don't mention the son of the sea God around me!

Don’t be scared of who you are, and know that at least one person won’t be either.” he moved a piece of hair out of your face. I don’t know how much longer I can go without exploding. You had been waiting to feel his lips on yours again for days and it still took your breath away like you remembered. "Next question?“ He stared at you. "Yes?” "You want me to go over your documents again?“ You held up your files.

Panting, you felt him squeeze your thigh again and the other hand traveled up to your chest carefully. No I’m *yawn* fine.” You tell your father trying to reassure him that everything was okay.“Y/N I just want the best for you and I want to try and help with My next client is already in the room.” Your eyes widened as he knocked on the adjacent door and was pulled in rapidly and enthusiastically by Will you give yourself to him?

Jung. You had noticed before how much they filled his pants tightly and you bore witness to its strength at the beginning of the session. They - respecting your privacy - let it drop, but damn did they wish they hadn’t because they should have been praising you for this long ago and -and… what?is this…

He popped his lips and pressed a soft kiss on the black and blue on your neck.

Curious - and idly, not really intending to pry, just curious - they flip it open andwoahwoahhow the darn diddly heck did they - a secret agent - miss the fact What if you’re hiding some dark secret from everyone that he needs to help you with? Surprised at his kindness, you took a sip and gagged as you found that it was already room temperature. Past Posts Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/ Reblogged from miiliko 132,316 notes Posted 9, November, 2016 pleasetrysomethingelse:lesbiann-cutiess:This broke my heart and made me cry 💔This isn’t fair.

Who’s this?” Steve froze for a second, holding you closer to him before turning back to face Tony and Bruce. There’s no wriggle room. Earthlings implies that Rose had something directly to do with that, maybe predating the war. He pushed you into the room and immediately your eyes widened as you found yourself in basically a tight, dark closet.