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I Cannot Worship A God I Can Beat Up

The first ass that Jesus kicks when he comes back may be Driscoll's. 🙂 Mary Landis Thomas Well said. It is supplemented by the translators. If there were trucks back in their times, they would have been doing driveway lube jobs on a Saturday afternoon. But now Revelation is included in the Bible and we have to deal with it. http://tcsmacs.net/i-cannot/i-cannot-tell-why-he-whom-angels-worship.php

But Mark Driscoll does nothing to move toward a balanced view when he speaks things so hyperbolic that they are no longer true. Thanks for bringing some nuance to this forum. The Lord rebuke you and all like you who can put a webpage and think you can protect others with non-essentials by slamming other ministers. Jeremy Piehler I wouldn't say he is "soooo far to the right". http://www.theopedia.com/mark-driscoll

Although in the past some associated Driscoll with the Emergent church, he is critical of this "conversation" and his conservative theology is at odds with most Emergent proponents. They didn’t play tennis. Anderson Home Blog About Damaged Goods Connect Support Contact Instagram Welcome Faith and Feminism Filter Allabsurd sexismAccount and CountenanceBlog UpdatesBookchristianitycurrent eventsfeminismFriday FindsPersonal storiesUncategorizedvideo of the weekWorth Readingwriting July 10, 2011 Dianna And in spite of the cross.

Amazon.com Widgets CommandmentCreatorGodkillKing JamesMark DriscollmurderpacifistSixth CommandmentTen CommandmentsShare On: Tweet Launch Comments × Comments Area We welcome your thoughts and discussion to our posts. Zondervan, 2007. There is no mention whether he made contact with the whip or not however. But our God?

perfectnumber628 So true. Don't besmirch the good name of fruitcake.David Hayward: Master of Theology, Diploma in Ministry, over 30 years professional pastoral experience. I'm a pastor, I went to MD's Church for a short while. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/nakedpastor/2013/11/why-mark-driscoll-could-never-be-one-of-the-wise-men/ A literal rendering of the Greek.

You said he was not effeminate. I think we need a balanced view of Jesus. But she could raise God.” “Jesus and Paul were serious dudes. Driscoll would do well to learn the difference. (#symbolism) Donna Pyle Micah, what a great unpacking/re-packing of Who we worship.

You wanna be counter-culture, totally alternative, radical? http://jdjansen.blogspot.com/2012/04/i-cannot-worship-guy-i-can-beat-up.html scorchingwords Although Paul is clear that Jesus will ‘punish' His enemies when he returns. What a crock! With his selectively literalistic approach to this highly symbolic book, Driscoll proclaims, “In Revelation, Jesus is a prize fighter with a tattoo down His leg.” And this is the Jesus he

It immediately excludes anyone who does not fit the mould and spreads the message that your God-given uniqueness is not enough. check over here Here is a little bit of what Wikipedia says about Mr. Schwager, Must there be Scapegoats? At any rate, if we interpret Revelation according to its genre and in its original historical context, and if we pay close attention to the ingenious way John uses traditional symbolism,

John Well said, Avery. He had the strength to defy spiritual authorities and "hang out" with people whom many others thought were the "dregs" of society. I fear some are becoming more cultural than christian, and without a big Jesus who has authority and hates sin as revealed in the bible, we will have less and less his comment is here Bauckham, The Theology of the Book of Revelation (Cambridge University Press, 1993).

http://web.archive.org/web/20071013102203/http://relevantmagazine.com/god_article.php?id=7418 See also Missions Emerging church External links Mars Hill Church Website Acts 29 Website Resurgence Website Reformission.com Email from Driscoll to Acts 29 pastors Blog Interview with Mark Driscoll Blog How I wish Mark Driscoll and others who embrace the "pride fighter" perspective would digest some of this material! In fact, a number of scholars have argued that the whole point of the book of Revelation is to vindicate God's sacrificial lamb-like way of overcoming evil.  That is, God's way

jim My guess is what M.

Christ the Bridegroom.Think about that for a minute, especially in light of the Events we will commemorate a few days from now.I, like most men on their wedding day, went to Eric My quote is exact. What is your response to that? When I first looked at the picture the resemblance between the person in the picture and the traditional western depiction of Jesus slammed me.

One of the best works defending Revelation as a "manual for non-violent warfare." A must read for all who want to take seriously the non-violent interpretation of Revelation. * R. Frank A good clarification thanks! As I said he was both what Driscoll and Watts have described. http://tcsmacs.net/i-cannot/i-cannot-tell-why-he-whom-angels-worship-youtube.php Mark A.

Michael Carline I definitely like the imagery of a "Badass Jesus" (leather jacket, tats, bandanna, harley, etc.) but would use that in reference to something else. Darren Thanks for the good post. Besides it's almost the season for the fruitcakes to begin showing up. To make Creation Whole again.